Windows 8 Build Leaks! Oops?

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It seems like only yesterday when the latest version of Windows (Windows 7) was released, covering up the various flaws that Vista included. You will see that computers on the market now come with a mandatory version of Windows 7, instead of having the choice of either Windows XP or Windows 7, because Windows 7 is now starting to become a dominant operating system within the PC world. This will help to start eradicating Windows XP, because software manufacturers are beginning to lessen the amount of support they provide for Windows XP drivers.

I remember when Windows 95 was about to be released on the market (while I was still running Windows 3.1) with the various leaked screen shots of it spreading around, and I thought it was so different (because the GUI had been through an extensive cosmetic change). This was even before the Internet was as big as it currently is. Now, we have a glimpse of what Windows 8 will be like. According to this Windows 8 Center blog post, an ISO (data image) file of the current work developed with Windows 8 has been leaked. If you are lucky, you will be able to find the leaked build ISO file on a limited number of torrent sites.

Some of the unique features that you will find (at least in the final release) of Windows 8 are provided below:

  • SmartScreen File Checking – A file-checking feature (currently integrated into Windows Live Messenger and Internet Explorer) that will prevent users from launching malicious software within their Windows session.
  • Aero Automatic Colorization – Depending on the dominant colors included in the wallpaper that you set, Windows 8 Aero will determine the colors for taskbars and window panels.
  • Mount ISO Ability – This will allow the Windows user to run an ISO data image without having to leave his or her current Windows session.

Some screen shots have also emerged from this leak. As you will notice from the images provided below, the cosmetic appearance of Windows 8 does not differ that much from Windows 7.

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